Wisteria Herbs offers Nutritional and Herbal health consultations both in person and online.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

What to Expect:

We really care about getting people 100% well, so we operate a little differently than most other health practitioners…

For our clients we provide all of the following things in our package:

  • Remote visits via phone or video conference
  • Continual email support with our herbalist during the week
  • Two hours of face time with our herbalist every week
  • Cooking and nutrition support and how to videos
  • Herbal education for all of our clients

We operate this way to take you from health PROBLEM to NO PROBLEM. We find that in order to get people COMPLETELY WELL (not just kind of better) our clients need more support and face time with their health practitioner. SO THAT IS WHAT WE PROVIDE.

We would love to discuss what you are looking for help with!

You can schedule a FREE 60 minute breakthrough conversation with our herbalist to discuss what it is you want to achieve with your health, what kind of support you need to get there, and if we can help.



daisyBlack-Eyed Susan: Rudbeckia hirta


Please note that our consultation services are not for the purpose of diagnosing, treating or relieving disease. If you desire these services, please see a qualified physician.