Wisteria Herbs offers Nutritional and Herbal health consultations both in person and online.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Wondering what kind of health conditions Nutritional and Herbal intervention can help alleviate? See this List of Common and Complex Complaints for which patients seek alternative health support.

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What to Expect:

At Wisteria Herbs we use Traditional Chinese Medicinal methods of diagnosis. This includes pulse and tongue inspection,  which are commonly used in acupuncture practices. From this analysis, we discuss what type of dietary requirements are best for the individual and which herbs will help support them best while healing. Additional supplements may also be suggested to complement methods. Overall, we choose to focus primarily on healing via dietary modification. You can expect to come away from a consultation with knowledge that will allow you to keep yourself healthy at home through diet. We also teach our clients to identify and forage for local herbs that they might need during their healing journey. We like our clients to become independent and gain control of their conditions so that they learn to heal themselves and remain healthy.

Before your First Consultation:

Please arrange to bring all current medications and supplements with you for your appointment.


Please note that our consultation services are not for the purpose of diagnosing, treating or relieving disease. If you desire these services, please see a qualified physician.