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I see it everyday.

I meet with people who have been to multiple health practitioners for a health condition and they have been prescribed medication after medication with only temporary relief.

The solutions never stick and they are confused. “Why is everyone else ok and I am not”? The truth is…everyone is not! We are all struggling with our own individual health issues in some form or fashion. “Then why did the normal treatment approach not work for me?” Because the one size fits all approach is not an efficient method to healthcare. PERIOD. Everyone is different and many people’s identical symptoms can arise from different causes.

Wisteria Herbs is on a mission to deliver tailored herbal medicine and nutrition goals for individuals willing to put forth the effort to change their health. We strive to customize your holistic health needs, because you are not your defined by medical labels.

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Our Herbalist

Danna Sharp obtained her B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 2012 and her Master’s Degree in Chemistry in 2015. She has been learning and working with plants for many years and has been studying nutrition and herbalism both independently and with other local herbalists.

As an herbalist, Danna loves to work with plants, but also places a high importance on the idea of food as medicine. Dietary therapy is a powerful mode of healing and she believes in using this method as a primary mode of therapy and then using herbs to supplement our path to regaining or enhancing health.

Danna loves to work with clients to improve their health no matter how small or large the task. Although she is good at working with many complaints, her specialties include: mood issues, anxiety, skin, hormone, and digestive health.





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  1. Kelly Lowe says:

    I saw Danna on Saturday and she really listened to what seems to be ailing me. She gave me a lot of good suggestions. I’ve already picked up some of the herbs and started taking them. Although I know the change won’t be immediate, I’m already noticing differences.

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